Workers’ Compensation in Virginia: Understanding Your Eligibility and the Benefits You May Receive

Even workplaces that seem safe can become dangerous. Sure, those who work in factories face different types of workplace hazards. However, even a slip and fall accident at an office can still cause severe injuries. These injuries may force you to miss time off of work. If you have sustained a work-related injury, you must consult a work injury lawyer Virginia to know your options for compensation. A great lawyer will help you and your family heal while they handle the legal side of your case. 

Who Can Pursue a Workers’ Comp Claim in Virginia?

The majority of employees in Virginia are eligible for workers’ comp benefits that cover medical costs and lost wages. Any company that has at least three part-time or full-time workers should carry workers’ comp insurance. Additionally, those that hire contractors to carry out regular job tasks or fulfill a contract should count these contractors when determining the number of employees they need to cover. Also, for an employee to get workers’ comp benefits, their accident and injuries must be covered under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. Because of the complexity of the law, it is in the best interest of an injured worker to hire an attorney to help them navigate the process. anonig 

Exploring Other Claims Options

If you sustained an injury on the job, you may be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. However, if workers’ comp is not your best option, you should consider filing a personal injury claim. This is possible if you sustained an injury as a result of another party’s negligence. If you are unsure about the fault in your accident, you should have your case reviewed by your attorney. You can rely on your lawyer when it comes to picking the best path to your compensation.

Workers’ Comp Benefits You Can Take Advantage Of

If you suffer from an injury in a workplace accident, you must seek the benefits that can cover your losses. These include the following: tinyzonetv

  • Medical expenses. A workplace injury can put a strain on your finances as it may rack up huge medical bills. Thankfully, workers’ comp benefits cover your injury-related medical costs.
  • Lost wages. If you cannot work because of your injury, workers’ comp insurance can provide you with a financial remedy that covers the wages you lost while you get medical treatment and recover from your injury.
  • Disability benefits. These benefits will be provided to you if your injury has left you unable to return to work temporarily or permanently.
  • Death benefits. These will provide for the surviving family of a worker who died in a workplace accident. They cover the worker’s burial costs and offer weekly benefits to the dependent of the deceased. Touch

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