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What is a Thumbnail on Instagram?

When you post to Instagram, the thumbnail of your photo appears as a small preview on the website and app. Clicking on it will open the full-sized version. The ratio of likes to comments on Instagram posts is typically 1:1. On Facebook, there are two times as many comments. That is why it is important to use a high-quality thumbnail. A high-quality thumbnail is the first step to maximizing the impact of your posts.

One way to make your thumbnails look great on Instagram is to use a professional image. Use a high-quality image for the photo or video. The BBC uses a template that is easily recognized by subscribers, and this helps you build a genuine following. Using a high-quality thumbnail will make your content stand out and gain you a higher engagement rate. Here are a few design tools to use for your Instagram thumbnails.

First, a good thumbnail for a video is a perfect circle. While the size of a thumbnail is small compared to the video, a thumbnail helps get your message across in an easy-to-read format. Make sure to include an image in your caption. The first frame of a video becomes the thumbnail. You can use it as the cover picture or just type in the caption of the video.

A good thumbnail should be a representation of the content of the video. It should be eye-catching enough to encourage viewers to click on it and watch the entire video. You can edit the thumbnail picture using a photo editor. You need to save the file in a JPEG or a thumbnail format. Lastly, use an attractive caption to make your video more memorable to your followers. Then, you can post videos in Instagram!

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