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Three Reasons Why Wagyu Is So Expensive

If you’re wondering why wagyu is so expensive, you’re not alone. It is one of the most expensive forms of beef, but its taste and nutritional value are unparalleled. Here are three reasons why wagyu is so expensive. Let’s explore them in more detail. Read on for tips on how to make the most of your steak purchase. Also, try to avoid eating more than one cut of wagyu at once.

The first reason why wagyu is so expensive is because it comes from a highly regulated Japanese cattle farm. These cattle are hand-reared for their first year before being sold to experienced wagyu beef farmers. In some cases, the cattle are sold as young as seven months old. It is a laborious process that results in beef of the highest quality. Therefore, it is worth every penny.





Another reason why wagyu is so expensive is the lack of knowledge about this breed. The Japanese government has a strict grading system. While the United States Department of Agriculture grades beef from Prime to Choice, Japan’s government is stricter in grading the quality of their wagyu. In the United States, beef is categorized into Prime, Select, and Lower Grade. Unlike its US counterpart, wagyu is more expensive than prime and cheaper cuts.

Besides the taste, wagyu is also known for its high fat content and tenderness. It is also highly prized and highly priced because of its breeding. Unlike other types of beef, Japanese wagyu cattle follow a specific lifestyle. They are raised on a very strict diet and undergo extensive physical training. Their diet and lifestyle have an enormous influence on the quality of meat and muscle. In fact, some wagyu cattle even have birth certificates biographypark

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