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Sleep Regression at 8 Months

When your baby is 8 months old, sleep regression is a very real possibility. You will likely experience nighttime wake-ups, fighting bedtime, and refusing to take naps. But don’t worry, this is only temporary and will pass. Follow these tips to help your child move past this sleep regression phase. And remember, sleep regression is common! Most babies go through it between seven and nine months old. These are common symptoms of sleep regression, but you can do something about them!

This process is common among babies of this age, and it is closely related to rapid brain development and growth. Babies begin to crawl, sit up on their own, and absorb language at this age, and their physical and mental abilities also increase dramatically. Their brains are active and hard to calm down. They may also wake up more frequently than usual. This can make sleep difficult for even the most laid-back babies. However, these changes are not the only reasons why babies experience sleep regression at this age.

During the sleep regression at 8 months, your baby may be clingy or irritable. During this period, they may take longer daytime naps, or play catch-up. Separation anxiety can be exacerbated if you are not careful. To alleviate the resulting stress, take short breaks from your baby and let them adjust to life away from you. And don’t forget to give extra attention during feeding and naptime.

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