Important things to know about workers’ compensation insurance- Why do you need it?

Workers’ compensation insurance is often referred to as workers comp and it is a government-mandated program through which employees take care of their employees when they become ill or injured on the job. This is a disability insurance program that offers cash benefits as well as health care benefits to workers who suffer from illness or injury that results from their job.

In the United States of America, the workers’ compensation program is primarily handled by the individual States and therefore the benefits vary from one state to another. In case of an injury due to the employer,  if the employer offers workers’ compensation benefits, the employee will waive off his right to sue the employer for his damages.

  • If an employee suffers from injury while on the job,  he may receive workers comp benefits

When we say injury,  we mean a twisted ankle, a slip or fall,  or trains from lifting,  excellent with machinery, or injury while traveling for the job. Whenever the employee suffers from an injury,  it is necessary for him to report the injury to the insurance career if he doesn’t want to be charged any penalty. Nevertheless,  there are certain incidents that are never covered under workers’ compensation and no state can change this rule.

  • Employees can never sue their employer if the injury happens on the job

Workers compensation is usually a trade-off for both the employer and the employees. An employee receives medical benefits and wage replacement and it is therefore not expected to sue his employer.  However,  the only time when an employee can sue an employer is when there was an international purpose of hurting the employee. 

  • Employees are compensated for medical bills and lost wages under workers’ comp

Employees are supposed to receive a portion of their income when they are unable to work. There are certain benefits like temporary partial disability or temporary total disability that are offered to sustain the injured employee while he recovers from the damage. However, whether or not the employee is eligible for temporary disability benefits will depend on the medical record of the doctor.

  • All employers don’t have workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation is usually dependent on state laws. Factors like the type of business,  number of employees,  and the type of job come into play. For example,  there are some states that do not have workers’ compensation for volunteers,  farmers,  and seasonal help. 

No employer will ever want their employees to get injured while on the job but still accidents do happen.  This is why you should seek the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer in case you are injured while on the job. 

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