How to Use the Instagram App

If you’re looking to make your social media profile stand out from the crowd, Instagram is the place to start. The social networking platform allows users to post photos and videos, and it displays activity updates. Users can also choose to make their profiles private by clicking on the private option. Once your profile has been set up as private, only people you approve can view your posts. To make your profile private, you must confirm who you want to follow by sending them a confirmation request. After you’ve confirmed your account, you will see a blue checkmark, which indicates that you’ve verified your profile.

The app for Instagram is free and available for iOS and Android devices. Signing up is easy and requires a valid email address, username, and password. You can also use your Facebook account to sign up for an Instagram account. Once you’ve signed up for an Instagram account, you can easily switch between different accounts without having to log out of your current one. You can follow other people through the app or add them as friends to follow. Once you’ve added them as friends, you can start posting and replying to their photos and videos.

When you open Instagram, you’ll see your friends’ profile pictures and any stories they’ve shared recently. To jump to the next section, tap the right side of the screen or slide right or left. You can also make your feed private, which will only show new posts from people you’ve approved. To do this, you must approve new followers. You can even set your stories to be private. This means that only people you approve will see them.

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