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How to Use a Zorb Water Ball Safely

The Zorb water ball is a unique exercise equipment that can improve your cardiovascular health, flexibility, and range of motion. However, it is not a durable exercise tool and can easily become punctured, ripped, or exposed to sharp objects. If used improperly, the Zorb can collapse on you, posing a safety hazard. Therefore, it is important to learn how to use a Zorb water ball safely.

There are a lot of fun activities you can do with a Zorb water ball, including water polo, volleyball, and basketball. You can also play other games that involve the water ball, such as catch and pitch. In addition to games, using a Zorb water ball for exercise is a great way to stay fit. Simply walk or run in the water and soak up the cool breeze! You’ll find that the cool breeze that suffocates your skin will make you feel better, so you might want to consider trying out a new activity with a Zorb water ball.

Zorb water balls can be used on a variety of surfaces, from grass to water. They are also available at aquatic parks, children’s amusement parks, and tourist attractions. The inflated spheres are double-layered with an air cushion between them to keep riders safe. You can roll around in the sphere, bounce in it, and get tossed around the pool! The typical zorb water ball is three meters (ten feet) in diameter with an air cushion between the two layers.

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